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Welcome DIY Community!

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Welcome to the Podcast created specifically with the Independent Creator

 (and all of their fans)!

LimeLight DIY is the culmination of my years (and years, and years, and..) of trying to figure out the science behind building a platform for my many projects, be it as a musician, a broadcaster, a vlogger, a writer, or a comedian.

Though I never achieved the kind of fame and success that some of the big cats have enjoyed, I did get to fly close the to sun on many occasions, and I was able to experience some very cool things while at the same time building a personal network that far exceeded my humble achievements.
LimeLight DIY is my attempt to distill all of the knowledge I have been witness to over the last couple of decades into an actionable blueprint for all the up and coming creators who are building their own platform – especially those creators who are working with limited resources but plenty of grit!
This weekly podcast will feature long format interviews with creators who either have “made it” or whom “are making it”, mixed in with the occasional intimate Sorta-Sode where you and I will have a short chat around a specific topic. If you enjoy what you hear or take anything from LimeLight DIY, I’d very much appreciate it if you would subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcasting platform of choice, and leave an honest review so that I can learn what you want to hear/see more of!
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I’m looking forward to growing with you and the rest of the DIY Community!
-=Ryan McKay