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Yeah, I've Done That... and I have the Scars to Prove it.

Over the past 2 decades, Ryan McKay has been a gigging musician, major-market radio personality, published writer, podcaster, vlogger, blogger, marketer, copywriter and public speaker.  He's performed in front of raging mosh pits, and spoken to rooms full of business owners looking to build their company presence online without spending themselves into bankruptcy.
Over 20 odd years (some of them VERY odd), Ryan has made it his goal to study what it takes to build a voice in every crowded room and how to stand apart when you don't have unlimited resources or connections to rely on. He's been fortunate enough to have been mentored by the people who have made it to the tops of their respective world's, as well as those who suffered tragic defeats but remained strong enough to teach other's through their own misfortunes.
When you book Ryan to speak at your event or to appear on your own podcast, radio show, or to write for your website, you can expect him to bring hard fought insight, plenty of humor, and a fully transparent (and approachable) peek into everything Ryan has learned about stepping into the LimeLight!