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Where Can I Find Other Creators To Network With?

We've Got Multiple Options for Independent Creators Looking For Community

When I started LimeLIght DIY, the goal was to create an environment where independent creators could feel comfortable sharing and learning from one another, and one where the conversations OFF the air were even more important than the ones when the mic is turned on. 

To help us create that community, we've got a few options for where you can get in on the conversation- whether that's about something we talked about on the podcast or even if it's just a place to share the concerns you have about growing your own platform in a safe and judgement free environment populated by other creators who know what it's like, we have a community for you!

creators helping creators

Our Creators Helping Creators Facebook group may be brought to you by the LimeLight DIY Podcast, but it's actually a community that is dedicated to YOU!

A group populated by YouTubers, podcasters, film makers, animators, artists, writers and speakers who come together to ask questions, network, share their triumphs and their set backs, and to grow their own platforms while supporting their peers. 

Sound like something that can help you on your journey? join the independent creators at the Creators Helping Creators To Grow Facebook page today!

Want to keep up with the podcast or to chat about something you heard on an episode? This is the official Facebook Group for LimeLight DIY.

Listeners of the show can share their own thoughts on the episodes, dive deeper into anything we've talked about, or even chat with guests. You don't have to be an independent creator to join this group- all you need is a good attitude, a good sense of humor, and the desire to participate in the community!

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