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Episode # 2 – Chris Akin from The Classic Metal Show on How to Approach Celebrities and How to Never Comprimise

Chris Akin is one of those guys who has done EVERYTHING at one point or another. Radio shock jock, podcaster, journalist, publisher, author, entrepreneur, soldier, speaker.... EVERYTHING.

He's also one of the people who had the biggest effects on my career over the years as he gave me my first professional writing gig, helped me break into radio, and helped my band with some of our biggest breaks way back when. Today, Chris is here to help other creators learn how to kick down doors that are in their way and how to never compromise in the race to get ahead!

Check out Chris Akin's books at Amazon, (including "Little Victories" , "Call Me Chris", "Cause and Effect: Metallica", or any of his other books)

or listen to his podcast The Classic Metal Show (Warning- NOT for kids or the feint of heart- this show is ROUGH!) 

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