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Episode # 4 – Jackie From Super Enthused

A “Super” chat with with YouTube travel show Super Enthused (oh cripes…. did I really just pun that badly? Oy…. it must be early) host Jackie!

As of the recording of this episode in late January 2019, Jackie had gone from zero to THREE THOUSAND subscribers in the course of one year (and since then has hit FIFTY TWO THOUSAND. In this chat, she’s going to dig through the lessons she has picked up over the course of this crazy year to show you how to connect with new communities, network with bigger and more established creators, and how to overcome some of the systems that sometimes get in the way of your rise to the LimeLight.

Youtubers Mentioned in This Episode: Adam the Woo , Paging Mr Morrow , Rob Plays

Store Where Jackie Buys Her Gear: http://pitmanphotosupply.com/

Tools Mentioned: Canon G7x Mark II is the camera Jackie uses to film her vlog.

Favorite Media These Days: Oh No! Ross and Carrie , Skeptoid, DHI, Lavendaire Lifestyle

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