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Episode # 5 – Hollywood Actor, YouTube Comedian, Dancer and Director Nathan Barnatt

A true man of 1000 faces, Nathan Barnatt joins us on Episode #5 to discuss his time in Hollywood, his roots in New England, how how he rose to fame on and offline. He discusses how he became the spokesman for Skittles and Butterfinger, how he got his Hollywood agent, How he suggests getting a start in Tinseltown, and his upcoming plans for his new film Milford!


Visit Nathan’s YouTube channel


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Youtubers Mentioned in This Episode: Cheffid Rigsby, Dad Feels

Tools Mentioned: Canon G7x  is the camera Nathan uses to film many of his youtube videos. Final Cut is the editor he uses for many of his videos, and Adobe Premiere is used on a smaller number of videos.

Favorite Media These Days: Cheffid Rigsby on YouTube, Lore Podcast, and DoughBoys Podcast


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