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Episode # 27 – Apple Looking To Fund Original Podcasts?

With rival Spotify investing so heavily into the funded podcast game, is it any wonder that Apple may be looking to double down on the the platform that they currently dominate? When Swedish media provider Spotify announced in early 2019 that it was planing to invest up to $500M into the world of podcasts, it […]

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Episode # 26 – Nice Guys Finish First with Nate from Paging Mr Morrow

There is an old cliche that “nice guys” finish last, and unfortunately, sometimes in life, that’s true.  I think that’s why it’s so satisfying when we get to watch the “nice guy” actually pull out a win for the home team. Nate from the YouTube Channel Paging Mr Morrow is that nice guy, and in […]

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Episode # 25 – Free Ways to Grow a Podcast

Welcome to the new format for LimeLight DIY! Yes, we’ll still be doing interviews with the creators who have gone on before to blaze their own path to the LimeLight and who will be sharing their knowledge of how you might be able to do the same, but we’re going to start spending more time […]

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Episode #22 – NOLA Deej on Researching Historical Locations for YouTube Videos

Representing the strangely under documented city of New Orleans, NOLA Deej has quickly become a favorite vlogger, armchair historian, and independent film maker for his well researched and beautifully formatted YouTube videos documenting the mysterious and historical city!   Joining us today, Deej will dig into how he approaches the locations he documents and how […]

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Episode # 21 – Audience Questions, Guest Answers # 1

We’ve been fortunate enough to get some great listener questions, and it’s about time that we got around to answering them! We’ve enlisted Robb Alvey from Theme Park Review and Jackie from Super Enthused to answer some listener questions today ranging on topics from how to stand out from the crowd to what platforms will […]

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Episode # 18 – Growth Tips for a Million + Subscriber Channel w/ Robb Alvey

<iframe style=”border: none” src=”//” height=”90″ width=”100%” scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen></iframe> Robb Alvey is no stranger to thrill seeking. As the host of the enormously popular Theme Park Reviews channel on YouTube, Robb is considered to be THE authority on roller coasters and thrill rides by fans and experts alike. In this episode of […]