isaac woodby

Episode # 6 – Animator, Actor, Writer and Entrepreneur Isaac Woodby

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to not only make a living off of your art, but to build an entire LEGITIMATE business around it?   Isaac Woodby- creator of animation studio Monster Truck Ninja can (And WILL) tell you all about what it’s like to do just that. This alumni of […]

jackie from super enthused on youtube

Episode # 4 – Jackie From Super Enthused

A “Super” chat with with YouTube travel show Super Enthused (oh cripes…. did I really just pun that badly? Oy…. it must be early) host Jackie! As of the recording of this episode in late January 2019, Jackie had gone from zero to THREE THOUSAND subscribers in the course of one year (and since then […]

jacob the carpetbagger interview

Episode # 3 – Jacob the Carpetbagger

A fun chat with YouTube vlogger, explorer, semi-pro wrestler and possum enthusiast Jacob the Carpetbagger Swings by! Jacob explains how he went from a part time Flikr blogger and social worker to a world traveling, hillbilly wrestling, parade icon YouTube Star!  Youtubers Mentioned in This Episode: Adam the Woo , Exploration Unknown  Emai Contact:  Tools Mentioned: Canon G7x […]

chris akin interview

Episode # 2 – Chris Akin from The Classic Metal Show on How to Approach Celebrities and How to Never Comprimise

Chris Akin is one of those guys who has done EVERYTHING at one point or another. Radio shock jock, podcaster, journalist, publisher, author, entrepreneur, soldier, speaker…. EVERYTHING. He’s also one of the people who had the biggest effects on my career over the years as he gave me my first professional writing gig, helped me break […]

ryan c mckay limelight diy podcast

Episode # 1 – The “SortaSode” …

It’s FINALLY live!      Folks, I am SO excited to bring you this first episode of LimeLight DIY – the podcast for the independent creator looking to build their own platform when they don’t have access to unlimited resources! This first episode is a “Sorta-Sode” – it’s shorter and it’s one on one between […]